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Time Is Precious | The Reason Why People Loves To Waste Their Time? |

Time Is Precious :

Time is precious thing that every person gets through God and no matter who you are and where you have come from. Every person in the world is given equal time daily, which God gives us without any discrimination and without any cost to it. Many great people believe that time is more valuable than money and we should appreciate it and we should accept time as an opportunity and understand that this time has such a unique power which can change our life completely and give us a bright future. Time has some unique power which we did not know but we see that i.e. it can changes the whole life of a person and put them from ground to sky but on the other hand it also put the person from sky to ground very fast.

But it is very bad to say that in today's time people have forgotten to appreciate the time, especially our younger generation. These people do not mind at all that we are ruining something special that can change our life, which we have no idea that too behind some useless things which have no importance in our life but most of the person do it because they become happy as well as get satisfied. But they did not know this happiness makes them cry after some time when no option is left, and the precious time today they kill is not time as they killing themselves and they will come to know about it after it is all over.

Time Is Precious | The Reason Why People Loves To Waste Their Time? |

Now let's have a look on some common factors which are done by people which kills their time without knowing them :


The main reason that people always complaint about the time is the big excuse because a person who are in their comfort zone can't able to do anything in their life. People do not want to leave their comfort zone because in that zone they do not have any type of problem whether is physical or mental. A person cannot move on in their life if he/she cannot live their comfort zone as it is very dangerous place and very dangerous situation for you.


Time Is Precious | The Reason Why People Loves To Waste Their Time? |

The reason of telling the comfort zone dangerous that it is like the sweet and slow poison which kills you and and your ability day by day, minute by minute and second by second and the on thing which you did and the most sad thing is that we waste our lives while enjoying and do not want to quit it. There are many success people people all over the world and almost every one committed that comfort zone is the main cause of time wasting and it is very essential to immediately leave your comfort if you want to fly high in your life.


People said lie in different situation but apart from this there is a world's biggest lie which is said by almost every person, every day, every time i.e. I WILL START TOMORROW. It is very dangerous sentence which is said by 95% people but the reality is tomorrow never comes which means you never star your work, this is the very common time killing excuse by which an individual satisfied themselves every day if they feels guilty. This lie is very harmful for your life because a person also know about himself that they would not start their work tomorrow as if they really get serious about their work, they can't tells this types silly comments. So that it is better to don't tell lie to others because others didn't get impacted and start your work immediately without any excuses.


Lack of Focus in life is the root cause of time killing and distraction because a person can only do the wrong things in their life if he/she would not have a focus in their life and the logic to built the focus depend upon your goals in life. If you did not choose or fix any goal in their life, you would not increase your focus level in life which result distraction becomes more powerful and your mind becomes easily distracted due to lack of focus. By having such types of situation your mind get distracted which results waste of time.

These things are inter connected with each other and if you do not understand the things clearly you can't able to save our time and destroy our distraction. Focus on your work and try to make a schedule everyday and do you work according to your given schedule after sometime your working capability will definitely increase.


Most of the people waste their whole day by thinking how to manage their time which causes they waste their time by overthinking and would not done any productive activity throughout the day. Over thinking is also a major factors if we talk about the wasting of time as it makes the person very confused every time according to different problems. Over thinking also makes the mind of an individual dumb and he/she cannot spread their thinking which makes them more confused and they cannot handle their whole day in a productive manner.

 Rather than thinking about the management of whole day in your mind , make a schedule for a particular day and immediately follow the schedule without thinking useless thinks which have nothing to do with your work.


Unplanned day also comes in the category of time wasting because planning gives the shape of the day to do certain activity throughout the day but if we did not plan our day early we would not able to save our time from wasting. Planning makes the person more attentive towards their work which leads a person becomes focused on their work, as most of the people makes plan but they did not pursue it because they make a hard schedule in the beginning which they cannot done and afterwards they get depressed and sad. To save our time we have to make easy schedule in the beginning which boost our confidence level.

Easy schedule makes your confidence level high in the beginning and you are able to do your work without any problem, so it is better to go with the easy schedule in the beginning and as you get used to it, you can make your conscious even more busy.


The whole world comes at the particular point with the help of smart phone and social media which is good thing as smart phone change our life completely and we take more advantage of our smart phones now a days but smart phone also kills your time in a very large amount as we all know that limited use of anything is good but if we excessive use the things, than it can harmful for our life. 

Time Is Precious | The Reason Why People Loves To Waste Their Time? |

People use smart phone excessively in a very large amount which result it kills our time and we enjoy it but it's becomes very dangerous for us in future. So that it is better to use smart phone in limited amount and try to avoid excessive uses of it. If you learned to control on your habit of using excessive smart phone then it will prove to be very retarded for you and you will not get any harm from it. 


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