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The Reason Why Distraction Always Attract You And How To Fix |



In today's world people become more advanced day by day and they always wanted to grab new things and they have a curiosity to know the reality of everything and it is good no doubt as it makes the people mind's more sharp as they know all the things. Apart from this there is a big problem of people which is spread very fast in every person minds and the person would can't be able to control it and the thing is DISTRACTION WHICH ALWAYS ATTRACT US !

If we talk about the logic behind the distraction and the the main question why it is always attract us? The answer of this question is little bit tricky my dear friends, to know the answer of this question first we have to think about the root cause of distraction. If we focused on the logic behind the distraction, you notice that distraction is 90% bad habits.

The Reason Why Distraction Always Attract You And How To Fix |

As we all know that bad habits always attracts us than good habit because bad habit looks very cool and awesome from far but once you enter in that particular place, you become shocked after into that environment. Bad environment comes from bad people and the things which distract you is also comes from bad people but it is human nature that we do not like good things as we think that it is useless and it makes dumb.

But the reality is very far as whatever thing which we think useless, dumb is becomes beneficial for us which we realize at they end when no other option is in front of us and at that time the mentality of a person becomes completely change and he/she would be able to see the reality from their eyes.


Distraction is of any kinds and there is no similar type of distraction as it may be depend upon person to person and their thinking ability. But the one thing is clear that distraction is almost bad things and it is of any kinds. There are some of things which is distract almost every person for example:- Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, living in a bad association are some of the most common cause of distraction.

The Reason Why Distraction Always Attract You And How To Fix |

If we talk about association then it is a huge impact of every person's life and it is necessary that each and every person have to live in a good association because if your environment is good then the impact of environment also falls on you. The logic behind the distraction is it looks more comfortable than good things and it automatically attracts people and the person get trapped into it, so that it is better to think before taking any decision.


Students are very sensitive by nature especially when they get entered in teenage as we all know that in this age there are certain development which process inside the child due to which there are many changes which comes in the life of student. They see many things around them and the curiosity of knowing the things is also become high which makes the student distracted very easily.

The Reason Why Distraction Always Attract You And How To Fix |

Distraction is always new thing in every person life because the old things which a person should go through it and well known by him would give them kick as the new thing give. But the kick is temporary my dear friends, as it gives you pleasure and happiness but it is not permanent and becomes end very soon and also destroy your life.

So that is better take an advice from a senior person especially your parents because in the whole world there is no people who cares you more than your parents as parents are the only once who cares yourself more than you and they always gives you a better advice than any people because other people do not want to let you up but your parents always wants you to move forward in life, no matter what problem should comes in front of you. They always support you at any problem without caring about himself.

So that it is our duty to do hard work, achieving a success to make our parents proud because every parents has only one ego i.e. their children. So I request you to take care of your parents and always respect them.


Cell phone which is needy of every person now a days whether it is small kid or aged person is one of the biggest enemy which makes us distracted all the time and we should can't be able to watch it. According to the survey their are 80% of people which are distracted by the cell phones especially our youngster. It becomes a big poison for youngster as it cannot make them to do hard work or extra activity which required body work.

The Reason Why Distraction Always Attract You And How To Fix |

Youngster also do not wants to work as they wanted to do all the works from home and they can easily do almost every work but it is not good as after sometimes they do not able to do any work because of their lazy body which makes them dumb.



To fix distraction first you have to change your environment or association because it is the big main cause of distraction of people and they cannot be able to come out from it. By moving out from the bad company and living with good people their mind automatically becomes positive and confiedent which is helps them to move forward in life and achieve success wiyhout any distraction.


Try to avoid cell phone or make a strict time of usage of cell phones and try to apply some discipline o yourself to not to touch cell phone. Once the discipline you have made then no distraction of cell phone would make you distracted and you also be able to save your time and also use cell phone for general use.


Focus is very necessary to avoid distraction because a person is only distract when he/she would not choose any goals or aim in their life which result absence of focus and creates a big reason for the distraction of people. A person who have more than one goal will always distraction in their life and would not achieve any of the things which they wants to pursue, so that it is better to create your goal immediately and do not waste your time.

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